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Did you know that Cherokee County's Probate Judge is also the Chairman of the County Commission?

Like several other counties in Alabama, the Probate Judge is also Chairman of the County Commission.  Here is some important information about the responsibilities of each office:

Probate Judge

The responsibilities of a Probate Judge are many.  They include the probating of wills, adoptions, commitment of the mentally ill for treatment, just to name a few.  I used some basic principles when I served as Probate Judge from 2004-2007 and I will continue to use them when I am elected.

Chairman of the County Commission

The Commission is responsible for running the county.  They oversee an annual budget in excess of $20,000,000.00 and 125 employees.  The Chairman is responsible for conducting commission meetings and setting the agenda.  Since the Chairman is there everyday, it is his responsibility to keep the other Commissioners informed about issues that arise.  Here are the principles I used when I served as Chairman of the County Commission:

The Right Experience.  The Right Choice.


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